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Storm The Gates 2

Storm The Gates 2
01. Storming Hell (A Parody of Tooth and Nail)
02. The Prophet (A Parody of the Trooper)
03. Rock for the Rock (A Parody of Balls to the Wall)
04. You Know Messiah Is Coming (A Parody of You've Got Another Thing Coming)
05. Knocking on Your Heart Again (A Parody of Rock You Like a Hurricane)
06. Brand New Body (A Parody of I Wanna Be Somebody)
07. He's the Way (A Parody of Crazy Nights)
08. God's Good (A Parody of Peace Sells)
09. U Can Deliver (A Parody of Can U Deliver)
10. Hear Your Prayer (A Parody of Enter Sandman)